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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hezbollah Prefers Allies Take Part in Cabinet Instead of Its Own Candidates

15/03/2009 | Almanar

Head of the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Mohammad Raad said that Hezbollah hoped that their electoral platform would be preferred by voters during the upcoming parliamentary elections adding that his party was not seeking the elimination of the other and rather wanted to preserve partnership in Lebanon.

During a political meeting in Nabatiyeh, southern Lebanon on Sunday Raad said that Hezbollah would not hesitate to offer concessions, even at its own expense, adding that it had done so during the formation of the cabinet. “We will do it again during the electoral battle if we have to.”

The Head of the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc also said that the Doha Agreement was not an alternative to the Taif Accord. “State-building is our project before being the others’ project,” he said. He added that the state they wanted would promote social justice rather than following others.

For his part, Labor Minister Mohammad Fneish called for spreading an atmosphere of calm and stability in Lebanon. He said any security incidents should not be a reason for tension in the country nor for exaggerating the incident and denoting it as a “security project that endangers the elections of Lebanon.”

During a Hezbollah ceremony in the South on Sunday, Fneish accused some persons of exploiting security incidents, noting that they were only used to issuing lies, allegations and rumors and demanding others believe them.

Fneish attributed the change in the United States’ stance toward Hezbollah, who faced the 2006 July War. He added that “The Resistance has failed all the partition projects and establishment of a federal system in Lebanon.”

The Labor Minister said he rejected any dialogue with their enemies or anyone biased toward their enemies and who accused the party of “terrorism.” He said dialogue was only possible with those with whom understanding could be reached, even if there was a divergence in views and positions.

Moreover, Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Hassan Fadlallah said that the opposition “would form lists of candidates in all electoral constituencies, regardless of the chances of us winning in them. Every vote counts.”

“The elections in the South are tantamount to a popular referendum, to send a message to the Israeli enemy and the US administration which states that three years on from the July War, with the sacrifices, pain and suffering [it caused], this region is still a safe haven for the Resistance and more,” he said.

During a political lecture on Sunday in the southern village of Eita al-Shaab, Fadlallah said, “We have proposed a draft law to amend the constitution to give voting rights to those who are 18 years old. During the Thursday session, the real positions of the parliamentary blocs regarding this issue will be revealed.”

“The calm Arab atmosphere has begun to reflect on the domestic arena. This is a good and positive thing because we want the elections to take place in a quiet, stable and safe manner,” he said, adding that his bloc wanted the electoral competition to be free, honest and democratic. “There are some parties who cannot attract supporters except by reverting to sectarian provocations, because they do not have a national program or clear political choices,” he stated.

Meanwhile, MP Nawwar Sahili told the Free Lebanon radio station Sunday that Hezbollah would prefers if Free Patriotic Movement leader MP General Michel Aoun or their allies would participate in any cabinet following the upcoming parliamentary elections, rather than directly participating themselves.

Sahili said that the obstructing third was a constitutional issue and it did not harm the constitutional formula. “Some call the obstructing third an obstruction, but we call it partnership and non-monopolization,” he said.

He told Future bloc leader MP Saad Hariri that “with all respect,” no one can split the unity of the opposition. He also criticized Hariri’s statement, which said he would not accept Aoun in a national unity cabinet, saying the Memorandum of Understanding with Aoun was strategic and protected Lebanon.

Sahili said that talking about Lebanon’s neutrality was “useless” and “unrealistic,” noting that Lebanon could not be separated from Palestine.

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