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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Israel's UAVs attacked Sudan: Report

Sun, 29 Mar 2009 13:01:13 GMT | PressTV

A report says that Israel had used unmanned drones to attack convoys of trucks, allegedly carrying long-range missiles to Gaza through Sudan.

Citing unnamed Israeli defense sources, The Sunday Times reported Sunday that Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) attacked two convoys and destroyed all the trucks carrying the long-range rockets with the capacity to strike Tel Aviv and Israel's nuclear reactor at Dimona.

"When you attack a fixed target, especially a big one, you are better off using jet aircraft. But with a moving target with no definite time for the move UAVs are best, as they can hover extremely high and remain unseen until the target is on the move," said the sources.

According to the report, the convoys had been tracked down by Mossad agents and attacked in the remote Sudan desert, just outside Port Sudan at the end of January and in the first week of February.

The raid, which killed at least 50 people, first reported on Thursday by the Egyptian newspaper El Shorouk which reported that a convoy of trucks in the remote eastern part of Sudan had been bombed by 'American fighters'.

"We didn't know about the first attack until after the second one. They were in an area close to the border with Egypt, a remote desert area, with no towns or people," said Sudan's foreign ministry spokesman, Ali al-Sadig.

The US, however, denied responsibility for the attacks and said that they had been carried out by its ally, Israel.

A Friday report by The New York Times suggested that Israel had carried out the attacks to prevent what it called 'arms smuggling' into the Gaza Strip.

This is while Hamas, the democratically-elected government of Gaza, has denied any link to the convoy saying "It is ironic to link this convoy with Hamas though we're still unsure if there was a convoy bombed by airplanes," said Salah al-Bardaweel, a Hamas lawmaker in the costal strip on Friday.

"Should it turn out that there were raids and a high number of people killed, this would mean Israel is seeking to use the opportunity to blame Hamas and hit Sudan," he added.

The fact that Egypt lies between the Gaza Strip and Sudan, and the latter two are not neighbors "shows these are false claims," he concluded.

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