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Friday, April 10, 2009

Sayyed Nasrallah Denies Claims, Rejects Enmity with Any Arab State

10/04/2009 - Hussein Assi - almanar

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah denied on Friday the Egyptian aggressive claims against the Resistance party, stressing that his party has no intentions or plans at all to destabilize the Egyptian security.

Speaking through a TV screen, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah has no intention to be enemy with any Arab system or with any other state, confirming that Hezbollah's sole enemy was represented through the Zionist entity. His eminence expressed regret over the attempts of some Arabs to present Hezbollah as Al-Qaeda, confirming that Hezbollah does not have extensions abroad and is not involved in any conflict in other Arab countries.

His eminence also tackled the Lebanese forthcoming parliamentary elections, stressing that all rumors about conflicts between his party and the Amal movement were baseless, stressing that the fact that Amal nominated two of its members for the Shiite seat in Beirut-2 district was part of a consensus. His eminence also denied any intention to topple the Lebanese President following the elections, accusing some parties of attempting to disrupt the good relations between Hezbollah and President Michel Sleiman.

Sayyed Nasrallah began his speech by noting that his speech was programmed to be one of a series of weekly speeches to tackle the forthcoming parliamentary elections and other domestic issues. "However, the Egyptian accusations against Hezbollah and myself turned to be the talk of the town, and we found that the issue deserves more than a press statement," Sayyed Nasrallah said.

His eminence noted that addressing the latest Egyptian accusations against him would be an opportunity to explain, once again, Hezbollah view and policy towards the Arab world and the Arab different regimes.

Sayyed Nasrallah then began the first axis of his speech by recalling of the main facts related to the whole case. According to his eminence, the Egyptian authorities have detained on November 19, 2008, a Lebanese citizen and accused him alongside other people of attempting to smuggle arms and equipment to Gaza.

"One month later, the Zionist entity launched its deadly aggression against Gaza," Sayyed Nasrallah noted, recalling that Hezbollah's position during the offensive was transparent and public. His eminence recalled that he has personally urged the Egyptian regime to open crossing with Gaza. "Then, it was our duty to denounce the Egyptian regime for its refusal to open the crossings," Sayyed Nasrallah said. "Right after this stance, a political and commercial huge campaign was launched in Egypt against me and Hezbollah, under the instructions of the Egyptian authorities and intelligence. Yet, we considered the campaign as a reaction and a natural price for our stance and we were ready to pay it."

Hezbollah Secretary General noted that the volume of the campaign launched by the Egyptian regime against his party was remarkable, recalling that some Sunni scholars also condemned the Egyptian President and even accused him of betrayal. "Yet, the Egyptian authorities didn't condemn those scholars as they did with Hezbollah," his eminence pointed out to conclude that their position with Hebollah was different "because Hezbollah was a Resistance." Sayyed Nasrallah went on to say that there are parties in the Arab world that are offensive against the Resistance and are very close to their American and Israeli masters in dealing with this issue.

Turning into facts, Sayyed Nasrallah recalled that Hezbollah is clear in its positions and has nothing to hide in whatever circumstances. Hence, his eminence declared that the Lebanese citizen Sami Chehab, who was detained in Egypt, was actually a member of Hezbollah. "Our brother Sami, is a member of Hezbollah, we don’t deny this," Sayyed Nasrallah announced. "He was providing logistic help to the Palestinian resistance at the Egyptian-Palestinian borders," his eminence added, noting that this was the only right thing that actually didn't figure in the Egyptian claims. "All other charges against him are false."

"If aiding the Palestinians is a crime, then I am proud of it," Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized. His eminence noted "that the aim here is to agitate the Egyptian people and to defame Hezbollah's pure and bright image. This aims to only please the Americans and Israelis for the Egyptian regime has failed by all means."

Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized that the one who should be charged and condemned over this case was not Sami or his friends but the Egyption regime. "The Egyptian regime should be charged and condemned for besieging Gaza," his eminence said, noting that the mentioned regime is working day and night on destroying Gaza tunnels.

The Resistance leader expressed regret because the Egyptian regime was escalating its aggression against the resistance movements in the region instead of backing and supporting them. "We were expecting the Egyptian regime to take the initiative and invite the Arabs to discuss how to face the Israeli threats, but unfortunately we saw that the Egyptian regime decided instead to increase his conflict with the Resistance."

To conclude on the topic, Sayyed Nasrallah fully rejected and denied all charges that Hezbollah was intending to launch an act of aggression in Egypt or at any part of the world. His eminence stressed that his party does not intend to enter into any form of enmity and conflict with any Arab, Islamic or international regime in the world, confirming that its sole enemy remains the Zionist entity.

"The charge of attempting to spread the Shiite way of thinking and practices is baseless," Sayyed Nasrallah said, adding that no single individual can do so in Egypt. "To accuse us of being agents working for others is also meaningless," his eminence emphasized.

Sayyed Nasrallah, meanwhile, expressed regret over the attempts of some Arabs to present Hezbollah as Al-Qaeda, confirming that Hezbollah does not have extensions abroad and is not involved in any conflict in other Arab countries.

"Hezbollah is a purely Lebanese party from its leadership to its base and it has no branches anywhere else," the Resistance leader asserted. "Hebzollah's mission is to protect Lebanon from the Zionist danger," his eminence recalled, stressing that the party doesn't actually interfere in any internal conflict of any state in the world. "However, in facing the Zionist criminality, it's our duty to help the Palestinians, just as it's their duty to help us in the same circumstances."
Sayyed Nasrallah also stressed that his party had nothing to do with what is going on in Yemen and Bahrain. "Al-Hayat newspaper reported that Hezbollah members have helped the Huthies (a rebel group in Yemen) behind the back of their leadership," Sayyed Nasrallah recalled. His eminence stressed that Hezbollah is a well disciplined party and there are no Hezbollah members who operate alone but stressed his party has nothing to do with the whole issue. His eminence also emphasized the claims in some Gulf dailies over backing opposition figures in Bahrain. "No one in Bahrain has asked anything from us, and even if there was such request, we can't respond favorably."

Sayyed Nasrallah then addressed the Arab regimes and leaders, urging them to leave Hezbollah alone. "Don't put on Hezbollah's back more than it can bear," Sayyed Nasrallah said. "We're clear and transparent and whenever we do something wrong we have the necessary courage to admit it," Sayyed Nasrallah said.

His eminence called on the media to verify of all their news stories, and examine all what the intelligence branches are doing and making up. His eminence concluded by stressing that his party was not engaging into a battle with the Egyptian regime. "We disagreed with them over the Gaza aggression and we're still in disagreement with them over this issue, and that's it."

Meanwhile, Sayyed Nasrallah devoted the last part of his speech to the forthcoming parliamentary elections. His eminence started by commenting on some "analyzes" of his last speech that claimed that the opposition was preparing to topple the Lebanese President.

"There are parties who insist on strife, unrest and struggle, and that is what they opt for. They don't want the country to come together," Sayyed Nasrallah said. His eminence recalled that when he said that the Parliament elects the President, he was enumerating the general roles assumed by the Members of the Parliament and what makes any parliamentary elections important.

"We were fully convinced to vote for President Michel Sleiman and we're in good terms with him," Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized. "We and the Free Patriotic Movement have elected President Sleiman by our free and full will, and we have good and confident relations with him since he was an army commander," his eminence added.

To end, Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized that the relations between his party and the Amal Movement were strategic, denying the presence of any conflicts between the two parties. "We agreed on Amal movement nominating two of its members for the Shiite candidate in Beirut's second district," his eminence declared.

"The opposition will work hard to carry on honest and democratic elections, which we hope will be in our favor," Sayyed Nasrallah said at the end of his speech.

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