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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fardoo New Nuclear Facility

Regarding Fardoo New Nuclear Facility an informed political source stated that on the verge of the new round of nuclear talks between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Group 5+1, the Presidents of the United States and France along with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in a new sensationalist move in keeping with their disinformation campaign accused the Islamic Republic of Iran in New York, on Sep. 25, 2009 of building a clandestine underground enrichment facility without the knowledge of he inspectors of IAEA.

The political source stressed that such allegations are made when, on the same day, the IAEA reported that Iran has notified the Agency of its new enrichment facility which is in the process of construction to this agency. The spokesman of the IAEA announced in a statement that "Islamic Republic of Iran, in a letter sent on Sep. 21, 2009, notified the Agency that it has a new fuel enrichment plant under construction. Iran's letter adds that the ceiling of the enrichment level in this plant is 5%. Iran also informed the Agency that nuclear materials have not been entered into this plant. In this letter, Ira assured the Agency that more complementary information will be submitted in due time". In response to this letter, the IAEA has asked the Islamic Republic of Iran to submit particular information in this regard and prepare the ground for a visit to this plant as soon as possible.

The informed source added that the IAEA sent a letter to the Islamic Republic of Iran on Sept. 25, 2009 to appreciate the submission of the information relating to the new enrichment plant. The letter of the IAEA to Iran reads: "In reference to your letter of Sep. 21, 2009, I wish to thank the Islamic Republic of Iran for the submission of the information relating to the construction of a new semi-industrial enrichment plant to the Agency. To ensure that appropriate safeguards measures will be taken, it would be appreciated if the agency receives additional information with regard to the new plant. The Agency would also appreciate access to this facility at the earliest possible time. I thank you for your cooperation."

He also said that concurrent with this new unfounded sensationalist campaign launched by some western states and the United States against the Islamic Republic of Iran, the new head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization in a statement announced: "To safeguard and exercise its inalienable right to peaceful use of nuclear energy, in a new successful step, the Islamic Republic of Iran has moved to build a semi-industrial nuclear fuel enrichment plant. Iran is now in the process of the construction of the new plant by observing all the necessary precautions including passive defense system. The activities of this new enrichment plant like those of all other nuclear facilities of Iran will take place within the framework of the rules and regulations of IAEA. Iran's Atomic Energy Organization congratulates the Eminent Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the noble people of Iran on this grand achievement in the development and advancement of this industry in our country."

He added that inspection and monitoring activities and also the declaration of any nuclear activities and facilities will take place within the framework of the safeguards agreement between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the IAEA.

In this regard, it is to be recalled that based on the provisions of Code 3/1 of the subsidiary arrangements ratified by the National Consultative Assembly of Iran in 1976, Iran has a duty to notify the Agency of its new nuclear facility only 180 days (6 months) before the injection of nuclear materials into its nuclear facility. For instance, with regard to an enrichment plant, all the construction works and installation of the equipment and centrifuges can be completed and only 6 months before the injection of nuclear materials into the facility, it should be declared to the Agency. In spite of this provision, the Islamic Republic of Iran has decided to declare its new enrichment facility which is in the process of construction almost 18 months before the injection of nuclear materials. It is to be reminded that the period needed for the completion of this plant is between 1.5 to 2 years. This measure by the Islamic Republic of Iran aims for further transparency and goes beyond its existing legal obligations.

The same source pointed out that notification to the Agency about the new enrichment facility by the Islamic Republic of Iran was made within the framework of the Agency rules and regulations and based on the Iranian obligations and in this respect no violation has taken place by any means until now.

He also said that it was expected that this transparent measure by the Islamic Republic of Iran which was admired and welcomed by the Agency should, away from any political sensationalism, had also been welcomed by the western countries who as a politically motivated move, has always been criticizing the cooperation between Iran and the Agency. Despite the early notification by Iran of the new facility, we are witnessing that certain western states including the United States are adopting the unnecessary sensationalist policies. We wonder about their attitude. Every move we make receives no appreciation on their part. These states need to reconsider their contradictory and double standard policies making them as much transparent as possible for the world public opinion.

He stressed that establishment of the new nuclear facility is in fact considered as a precautionary measure by the Islamic Republic of Iran aiming to produce clean energy as well as maintaining our peaceful nuclear achievements to let our enemy know that the Islamic Republic of Iran, with its iron will, does not allow any party to interrupt its nuclear activities even for a single second. Enrichment level in the new facility would not exceed 5 percent just like that of Natanz. Construction of the new facility began around one year ago and so far no machinery, equipments or radioactive materials has been transferred to its site and most of the current activities within the site are of construction and infrastructural nature. Based on the Agency's rules and regulations, we did not need to notify the Agency of the new facility and we were entitled not to make the news in this respect public. But, just for building further confidence and making further transparency we decided to make the notification much earlier than the time set for the notification.

The political source, referring to recent foreign forces's hue and cry finalized that all can remember that a similar political sensationalist move on the Natanz enrichment facility and Arak heavy water plant had been raised by the same states and they embarked on a similar propaganda ploy on the concealment of Iranian nuclear activities by Iranian authorities. This occurred while Iran had informed the Agency of the existence of such facility much earlier than its safeguard obligations and the Agency had been completely informed of the facility. In the meantime, according to the Head of the Iranian Nuclear Energy Organization the new facility will be opened to the supervisors and inspectors of the Agency within the framework of the Agency's rules and regulations and Iran does not have any problem with these inspections which shall be carried out within the framework of the Agency's rules and regulations. In fact, we are fully prepared to cooperate with the Agency in this respect and announce the time of inspection accordingly.

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